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Wall Painting vs Wallpaper

Always compare when come to the wall design. This is a common problem for the owner whether painting or using the wallpaper. Let's look at the difference between wall painting and wallpaper then only make your decision.

1.Time Consuming

Wall painting time consumes lesser than wallpaper. As in normal conditions, you will get it done after painting it twice to get a uniform color. However, using wallpaper need a technique to prevent the bubble between it and also need to let it dry overnight.

2.Easily Torn or Damage

Wallpaper nowadays has a different type of material and quality, however, the wallpaper will peel off if in a humid environment. And yes, wall painting will get damaged too like be a 'creative' area for children or some scratches. Either you repaint or repaste it and change a different interior design.

3.Price Range

For sure, paint is more economical to use than wallpaper. If you use it correctly there will be leftover paint and keep it properly for next time. However, wallpaper sell by meter or design. Slightly higher than paint. And you may finish it, especially for first-time users.

4.Design or Color Varieties

For paint, you can request the seller mix it for you, there is plenty of color code you can create for your wall design. However, the wallpaper may be difficult to customize as-is printout in a bulk.

Do some research or ask your interior designer for more details. Choose the one you preferred and stay in a cozy environment.


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