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5 tips that make small room look bigger

Larger space

How to maximize your place? How to make your place visually look bigger than its actual size? Here’s the tips that you could adopt to turn your place into a more comfy and airy place!

1. Large piece of Furniture

Image Source: Room & Board

Using a large furniture in a small room would make the room visually look larger. If your room could fit in a King sized bed, go ahead rather than a queen sized. It will make your room seem to be larger.

2. Furniture with exposed legs

Image Source: Shutterfly

Rooms would be more opened when your place furniture is with exposed legs. Big furniture with a skirt might make the place feel boxy. Furniture with exposed legs would give a view through the room.

3. Declutter

Image Source: Freshome

For a small place, if it is cluttered it would make it smaller. So, the essential for a small room to look bigger is to avoid clutter. A clean and organized place with a bright colour tone makes the space bigger and airy.

4. Floor-to-ceiling curtain

Image Source: Home Guides

To make a space look larger, not only the floor is the key. High ceiling also could do the job well. By using a floor-to-ceiling curtain will make the ceilings instantly look higher than usual.

5. Hidden storage/ multi-functional furniture

Image Source: Atap

If you have a small room, storage space would be limited too. Using hidden storage or multi-functional furniture could help to save up your space and organize your things accordingly. You could maximize your place under the stairs to become a cabinet.


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