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Your Bathroom Storage Ideas

Will you feel your bathroom looks messy? Some storage ideas share with you to make it looks better. It can be a minimalist and designed style.

1. Hair Dryer

A functional hairdryer dispenser will be a good thing for your bathroom. Some of the hairdryer not only for one but also can put other stuff like your hair accessories or hair care products.

Image from lemidecor

Image from coolyoubuy

2. Toilet Paper Dispenser

Do you have experienced that forget to refill your toilet paper or sanitary napkin? Nowadays, few types of toilet paper dispenser which can put both in your bathroom and looks tidy.

Image from burkedeccor

Image from buzzfeed

3. Toothpaste Dispenser

Toothpaste dispenser is one of the products for the bathroom. Everyone loves it as it can store the toothbrush, toothpaste, and also your skincare products. 3 in 1 will be great to use for a small space.

Image from Containerstore

Image from Opensky

4. Shampoo Dispenser

Imagine if you have a small space for the bathroom and you also have lots of bath products. If you don't have a functional rack or dispenser, it will look messy. Hang with the shower save the space and easy to use.

Image from ivillage

Image from houseonwoodlane

Make your bathroom looks lovely and tidy. Give yourself a minimalist and functional bathroom. Cheers~~

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