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5 Ideas To Design A Balcony

Having a private balcony is a dream of most people. You can enjoy the night scenery or having some wine with your loved one. Grab some ideas now to design a lovely balcony.


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Do you have any preferred idea or theme of the balcony? Keep calm and think about it. It will affect your decoration item indirectly. Some of them will prefer greenery designs with lots of plants or minimalist designs with few decor items.


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You can do wall painting or a featured wall for your balcony. Hanging some photo frames or LED lights bulbs to make it warm.


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There are lots of balcony flooring material you can choose, examples like an outdoor rug, deck tiles or grass turf flooring. Choose a floor covering which matches your ideas.


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If you stay in tropical countries, remember to choose furniture in waterproof material to prevent broken. Put a small table with a built-in seat or hanging chair. Enjoy your night or your day with a cup of coffee, how good it is.

5.Decor item

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Place some decoration items at your balcony. If you are a plant lover try to put a plant stand or create a small garden. Or you can put some books or candles to enjoy your night.

You can refer to the ideas above to get some inspiration for your balcony :)

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