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4 Design Tips for Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design

Everyone might have imagined a wide kitchen that is comfy and spacious to prepare their meals. But in fact, kitchens are always small and cluttered. To have a better cooking environment, here are some tips that you won’t like to miss! Also, a comfy cooking environment could help to increase joyfulness while cooking ~

Mirror Wall

Kitchen Mirror

Image Source: Deco Glaze

Mirror mirror on the wall, help me to double up them all.

Mirror is a magical element, which could help your place seem to be larger than its actual size.

Build-in Cabinets

Image Source: Crismatec

Don’t miss any place empty, Even under the table could be a good place to build a cabinet as a storage place. It could be a nice decoration too, to beautify your kitchen and chase away the bordesome.

Organise things strategically


Image Source: Twenty20

If you only have a small place for your kitchen, you won’t like it to be cluttered. To avoid

clutter, tidiness and cleanliness would be essential. Installing some organizers on the wall could help you to have more places to organize your kitchen tools and save up more surface spaces.

Bright tone

Bright Kitchen

Image Source: Grundig

Brighter colour gives you visually larger space. But, using bright/light tone colour in the kitchen, you should need more time to take care of the cleanliness.

You can have different ideas on your own interior design, if you have any questions feel free to contact us for more.

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