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6 Ways To Make Your Property Simple Classic

Simple Classic

Simple does not mean “Boring”, it can be classic, unique and fun at the same time. Adding some style to your place is essential when you want your place different from others. Here are some small tips that you can consider if you want a simple, but stylish design for your place.

1. Simplicity/ Minimalism

Image Source: Small Design

Keep all the furniture to be simple but, classic. Away from the bulky and useless furniture, just to keep the necessary ones. Too bulky furniture may make your place look cramped and complicated.

2. Choose Colour Scheme Wisely

colour scheme

Image Source: Atap

Try not to choose colours that are sharp and contrast all the way. Use muted colours to create the tone of your place, the place would be more harmonious. Bright colours might brighten up your place, but too much of it will cause aesthetic fatigue.

3. Introduce Interesting Artwork

To avoid dullness, you might have some interesting artwork to brighten up your place. Choose some artwork that is simple with an interesting design to add extra style for your place.

4. Consistency & Attention to details

Image Source: Matt The Painter

Keeping the colours and design style consistency in your place is also essential. If your place consists of too many different colours and styles of design, there will be much messy visual that makes your place lose contrast.

5. Texture Means A Lot


Image Source: RooHome

If your property is less with colours, texture might help you lots on adding liveliness to any place. Texture could take your place design to an enviable level with making things pop out. Texture also provides balance, it plays a role as contrast that keeps things balanced and provides visual interest at the same time.

6. Pop Colour!

Image Source: Trendir

If you feel bored only using one colour tone in your place, try to use some pop of colours. The rich colour accents will catch the attention and give some joy to your place. Matching some red accents in white room will make the place more vivid.

You can have different ideas on your own interior design, if you have any questions feel free to contact us for more.

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