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7 Design Tips For Loft Bedrooms

Image Source: Homeedit

Bedrooms in the loft were cool, but it also came with challenges. Having everything under one ceiling/ all in one room and sometimes loft are smaller compare to other types of room will make the interior design harder to make it comfort, spacious and unique. Here's are some of tips you might take into consider if you are renovating or decorating your rooms.

1. Use Wall Sconces & Overhead Lighting

Image Source: Dwell

Mostly bedrooms in a loft would be raised bedrooms, which has much lower ceilings and smaller spaces. Using wall sconces and overhead lighting would be the best choice, you wont like to knock any things when you stand up.

See more different lighting that might suit your property: How to choose the right lighting for your property?

2. Maximize with mirror

Image Source: Residence Style

Bedrooms in two-level loft designed would feel smaller and pack because of the lower ceilings. Adding a mirror could help your bedrooms look more spacious and unique. Besides, choosing a mirror with styles could make your rooms more modern or artistic.

3. Create a partial wall

Partial Wall

Image Source: Home Beautiful

A partial wall could help you to separate your room into different oasis, it won’t feel like all the things are in one space anymore. An unique designed partial wall would also help to show your identity, creativity and the most important is, your room will never be the same with others.

4. Pay Attention To Scale


Image Source: The Sleep Judge

You might not want your bed to be seen when you have guests coming over. Keeping the furniture in the bedroom lower and close to the ground could help to avoid the problem. Keeping the furniture close to the ground would make the room look more spacious too.

5. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose Furniture

Image Source: Shellyrose

Multipurpose furniture could help you save lots of spaces. If your space is only available to fit in one big furniture, make sure the furniture could provide you few functional benefits. Do not put furniture that is less usage and acquire a large space.

6. Use Vertical Space

Vertical Space

Image Source: Small Design Ideas

Don’t forget the walls! Use every inch in your bedrooms, having book shelves hanging on the wall or hanging racks up there to put some stuff could make your room not so boring. Besides, decorating the walls with some artwork could lighten up your rooms too.

7. Use curtain to divide the oasis.

Curtain Divider

Image Source: Wayfair

Some loft bedrooms are opened up right to the living room, using curtains to make it into different oasis could be a choice. To keep your privacy and won’t be a disruption with the rest of the room.

You can have different ideas on your own interior design, if you have any questions feel free to contact us for more.

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