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Decoration Trends In 2020

Everyone is looking for a great design with new trends. Some of them will do some research or have a consultation on it. So, do you curious about what is the trends for 2020? Let's take a look ~

1. Eco-friendliness Materials

Nowadays, we are focusing on environmental issues which are important in our life. There are some companies that thinking about how to use recycled materials to create some creative decoration items like use rattan to knit.

2. Marble Pattern

In 2020, the marble pattern still is an important element in interior design. For the person who does not really know the interior design, marble is always their best friend. It can use in different ways like the wall, floor or decoration item.

3. Handcraft Material

Besides the marble or ceramics element, new materials like handcraft bricks will be more fashionable and make your space on another level.

4. Bright Color Tone

Start from 2019, you can figure out that home decoration colors are changing from cold color tones to warm. You can found it the designer start to play with some bright color such as lemon yellow, dark green, purple-pink and other colors besides black and white.

5. Integrated Interior Design

New year new trend. Try to integrate your working area with home or gym with home. Naturehumaine living style provide you a functional home spacing area. Enjoy your lovely day with family.

You can have different ideas on your own interior design, if you have any questions feel free to contact us for more.

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