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The Simple DIY You Can Try

Over budget in renovation or ideas free in decoration? It's time to DIY some creative stuff to make your room fun and useful.

1. Book Side Table

Get some different thickness antique books with glass and adjust the height you preferred. Or you can change the books cover in different color tones to match your interior.

2. Bulletin Board Wall

This bulletin board wall normally will be used in the office or working desk. You can try to pin your memo, ideas or photos to make it lovely. It quite useful especially to those related to creative work.

3. Framed DIY

If you are interested in photo shooting then you must have a frame wall in the house. Get some wood to make a frame that can put the photos you shoot and design it(paint or draw).

4. Wall planter

Indoor planters are an excellent method to let your room looks greenery. And the wall planters are space-efficient, not only decorate but also a creative idea.

5. Recycle Light

Is your bedroom looks something empty in a corner? Get some recycled stuff and try to create new lighting for your room. Just a few materials then you can make creative lighting.

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