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Reno&Deco Service

We always uphold our consistent belief in providing an efficient and effective service to our customers. We will complete all the Reno&Deco processes within 14 working days and offer a hassle-free service.

1. Meet our experts

Our Reno&Deco expert team have experienced and able to handle professional Reno&Deco requirement. We had finished Eko Cheras project, Arte Plus and other projects in the past of the year. Don’t hesitate to meet our friendly expert.

2. Reno/Deco Consultation

We always provide professional consultation services to our clients. From interior design, material & furniture choosing, our expert will provide a series of proposals for the owner. We are seriously and never give up to perfect any detail in the unit.

3. Professional Photography

We provide professional photography services. They will keep the picture natural yet attractive. Attractive photos will increase the inquiry rate and enhance the revenue as well.

4. Listing Creation

We do all the processes of listing the unit on OTA platforms. Our professional team has experienced on manage Airbnb, Booking, and others OTA platform. They are able to help the owner manage their property with their knowledge effectively.

5. Digital Marketing

After uploading the listing on our platform, we will display our advertising through the technology approach. Also, we always keep updating the digital advertising strategy in order to fulfill the market tendency.

We care about our owner, we provide fast and quality services. Don ‘t hesitate to contact us for show unit viewing arrangement.

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