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The Ways We Makeover For Investment Properties

Purchased property for investment purposes? Have you thought about what kind of interior design or criteria are needed for it? Let's see what's the point we share with you:

1. Comfy Color Theme

A neutral bright color tone is always the right choice for your property. You can have Beige White, Mist Green, Light Grey, and maybe cream-yellow for major wall painting. And ask your designer to do something on the wall to get a contra color to make it 'WOW'

2. Eye-catching Wall Design

Nowadays, not only wallpaper can make your interior attractive but also wall paneling. There are a few different designs of the wall paneling you can try to Google and show to your interior designer. Please note that there are real wood and PVC materials for it. It looks classy~

3. Modern Furniture

For investment purposes, you will think that 'Aiya, cheap and simple will do'~

Not really, as your customer will based on the stay experience leave you a review, and the review will affect your occupancy indirectly. Let's choose modern and comfortable furniture for your customer, and quality must be there. Don't save for this, you will get your return immediately.

4. Decoration Items

How to make your property looks attractive in photos which is the first impression for your customer? Yes, is the decoration items. You can put some fake books on a shelf, scented candles on the dining table, huge fake plants in the living room corner, and the other small things. These items will make your units looks vivid.

5. Lightning

Yes, lighting is one of the important things for an interior makeover. There are different kinds of lighting designs like LED lights, track lights, floor lamps, and others. Adjusting the lighting direction to the right corner will make your whole unit different. Besides, there are different lighting colors and temperatures. Warm white is the common for investment properties as makes your customer feel comfortable in your house

Drop us your inquiry if you're interested in our makeover services.


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