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5 Botanical Styles Interior Design

Using some natural decoration items are the trend now for interior design. Although there are some simulated plants you can use, but the real plants or flowers will be more attractive and fresh. If you plant lovers or interested in decoration by botanical items, let's see how to make your room looks more gorgeous.

1. Rest space/Bedroom

Wake up in a fresh environment with green plants or create a personal space for yourself to get some inspiration & relax your mental. Maybe this area can be your workout place or reading area, such a perfect corner to you.

Image from thatplantylife

2. Working Area

A good working environment will let you more efficiency, are you think so? Especially for freelancer or part time worker who based in home, a stunning working area always a dream for you. Put some plants to relax your eyes and of course there are easy to take care.

*For more home office design click here.

Image from deardesigner

3. Bathroom

Locate some plants or flowers to decorate your bathroom. Some of them will think that bathroom will be dirty because of the plant's soil. But no worry about that, there are some recommended plants which is suitable for bathroom. Natural smell with simple design makes it bright and useful.

*For more bathroom design can click here.

Image from furnnl

4. Balcony Area

Nowadays, most of the apartment have balcony as well. However, Malaysians are use it to dry their clothes under the sun and less decorate it. Actually, you can try to decorate it with some plants or if you're lazy to take care of it can use simulated plants to replace.

*For more balcony decoration can click here.

Image from trouva

5. Decoration Items

We always think that decoration a house is difficult task or sometime you will just buy an item that you like. However, it almost looks difficult to match with your interior design. But, plants are always suitable as a decoration items as it's looks gorgeous and matched with different color scheme. That's why now the botanical style is a trend now.

*For more indoor plant species click here.

Image from catesthill

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