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Traditions Of Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year is around the corner, you can see each house is starting to do some renovation or decoration to welcome a new year. Every Chinese will do it around 10 days before Chinese New Year, let's come and see what they will do :)

1. Door Couplets

Couplets for Chinese are a good wish for everyone. These couplets always pasted on doorsides or walls and it comes in pairs. Different wishes will write on the red paper by Chinese brush called Chinese calligraphy. Nowadays, it not only in calligraphy style but also printed version with different trend design.

2. Chinese Red Lanterns

Chinese red lanterns is important while this festival, it means drive off your bad luck in the year. You can see quite lot of Chinese house will hang 2 big wishes red lantern above the garage or on the ceiling. It looks cheerful and welcome.

3. Kumquat Trees

In Cantonese, kumquat "kum" is word for "gold" means good luck. Therefore, each house will have a kumquat trees at their "Feng Shui" corner let the home owner good luck all the year. Besides, you can make some angpao art hang on the tree to make it looks pretty.

4.Paper Cuttings

Nowadays, quite fewer people know how to do the paper cutting and I think that this is one of the traditions we have to retain. Paper cutting is the art of cutting designs out of paper(in red color and different wishes), then paste it on the window or main door. You can find the wishes or the meaning from the paper cutting, it quite fun once you know it.

5. House Cleaning

Around Chinese New Year, you will find that most of the housewives are busy in cleaning or repairing some broken things. We hope to have a good year and health. And there is a tradition that the first of the new year day can't do the cleaning as you will swipe all the good luck away. Therefore, everyone will keep the house clean to welcome a good Chinese New Year.

Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year and we wish you good health and lasting prosperity.

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