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5 Essential Items For Homestay

Have you ever thought of owning a homestay or homestay operator? What kind of things we need to put in the house? Here are some tips for you to make your homestay looks better


Lots of homestay guests would like to have light cooking when they visit a different country, especially foreigners. They love to purchase local foods to cook and enjoy the meal in the homestay. It looks like a trend or a cooking challenge. Therefore, a full of kitchenware will be a must in a homestay.


Everyone needs Wi-Fi to do some local research like recommended restaurants, places, and others. A good condition of the Wi-Fi will let your guest feel helpful and comfortable.

3.House Manual

Always keep updates the house manual to your guests. Some of the guests are strange in using local electricity like air-cont, water-heater, or Wi-Fi connection. A useful house manual is a must.


Most of you will think that television is not a must, but guests will always request for it. They love to enjoy Netflix or TV programs when they are free in the homestay.

5.Washing Machine

If you have lots of long-stay inquiries, a washing machine will be an essential item in your homestay.

It let your guests feel comfortable with your stay.

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