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What We Do During MCO

We hope you're well and remember to keep the social distancing with your colleagues. During this MCO, we keep providing the services to our owners and guests. Below are what we do/provide


We will do a deep cleaning after every checkout. As usual, our housekeeper will change the whole linens, sterilize the bathroom to provide a good condition to the next guest.

2.Inhouse Training

This period is a great time to educate our housekeeper. We do video calls per week to make sure the operations are doing well and we can know the feedback immediately and solve it properly.

3.Arrangement & Reorganization

We figure out the best way we can do for the company. Brainstorming with team members, do self-improvement, and the structure of the company.

4.Best Communication

Because of this COVID-19, we receive quite lots of booking amendment or cancellation. However, we still provide professional attitudes and opinions to assist them. Your health is our first consideration.

We still provide professional management services to you all. Lastly, we hope you are well and don't forget to wear a mask once you hang out.

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