5 Best Indoor Plants You Must Have

March 25, 2020

A greenery plant not only for your room environment but also a trend now. I know you're thinking about how to take care and make it pretty? Below are some indoor plants suggest to you





Dracaena names from Greek means female dragon. It can growth maximum to 20ft(600cm), normally will be around 150cm. It has narrow, long and thick green leaves, sometimes with yellow stripes in the middle. Dracaena does not need much light and water once a week, is easy to take care of.


2.Air Plants空氣草

Tiny, easy-care, decoration trends now. You can't imagine that this tiny plant can make your whole unit looks energetic. You can plant it in any container or light bulb, make it creative you can. 


3.Peace Lily白鹤芋