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5 Ways to Have a Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui, a noun which familiar in Chinese culture. Feng means “wind” and Shui translates to “water” in Chinese. If you have done some research on it, you will found that it is quite common to apply in interior design. If you’re interested in applying Feng Shui principles to your home, here’s are some Feng Shui tips to you.

1. Minimalist Balcony

Nowadays, most of the apartment will have a balcony. Try to make your balcony in a clean, bright and greenery corner. Avoid to put the garbage or hang the clothes at the balcony. It will affect your social impact or healthy indirectly. If you do not have any balcony, try to make a fake balcony beside the window.

Suggest: Make sure it bright, and put some plants to make it freshly

2. Lucky Color

The right wall painting color will make you lucky in a year. We know that some of you love to follow the trend make the room looks darker like the industrial style. However please add on some bright furniture to make it conformity.

Suggest: Yellow. Means wealth, can make owner increase their fortune Blue. Makes you soothes anxiety, increase your business developing Green. Dark green easy to execute; Light green more in creative thinking Pink. Active in socialize or marriage

3. Lighting Adjustment

In Feng Shui, make sure your living room is bright enough. As the living room is the first impression when you enter your room. A brightness living area makes you look warm and cheerful person.

Suggest: Put the brightness lighting on the ceiling and can put a standing light beside a sofa

4. Dining Area

A good dining area must in wide and clean as is a place that people gather to have a meal together. Besides, food is a need for us. Try to hang a mirror to make your food looks double. Meaning in Feng Shui is to collect the wealth as more as you can.

5. Plant

A lush and greenery plant like a positive and lovely symbol in Feng Shui. Place a huge plant beside the main door that will make your whole room environment at a comfy level. In another meaning in Feng Shui, the plant can strengthen the owner's fortune and avoid the bad things happen.

Chinese New Year is coming, pick a good date and try to make some arrangements to welcome a "Feng Shui Year".

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