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6 Home Decor Trends & Color Tone In 2020

Looking for some interior design idea or decoration item which matches your home style? Here are some new interior and decor trends for 2020. Let's check it for more inspiration :)

1. Vintage Accents

Decorating with vintage accents is challenging but it’s also fun. You can get some old school or aged decor from flea markets or garage sales. Not more but is a need for decoration. You can try to mix with some cold color tone for wall painting to make it softer.

2. Navy Blue

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year-Classic Blue, you can get this color decor or furniture easily. Navy blue is one of the colors that can make you feel relax and change your home environment into another category. From small decor (kitchen utensils, graphic) to big items (furniture, wall painting). Navy Blue can be a dark color that matches with another light color like pink or beige.

3. Wallpaper

Start from these few years, wallpaper already is a trend for interior design. Quite a lot of interior company keeps looking for unique and creative wallpaper. Most of the wallpaper design will be floral or minimalist style like marble, concrete, and others. Colorful wallpaper with simple furniture will make your unit more classy as well.

4. Designer Sofa

What do you think that the most important furniture in a room? Yes, is a sofa! A comfortable sofa makes you relax; a creative sofa makes your room attractive. That's why we always need it in your house as one of the decorations. Different kind of materials will make your house different, remind that before choose your sofa must know what interior style you prefer.

5. Indoor Plant

Instead of blooming bright green trees, this kind of tree (olive tree) will be a new trend for an interior designer. The tree color tone looks darker and grey, can make your room cozier and relax. It can be placed in the middle of your living room, corner of the bathroom and some corners you like. The whole room environment will be different especially you put some plants inside.

6. Rattan Furniture

Do you still remember your grandma's house have some rattan items? You can't imagine that a one-day rattan becomes one of the trend items now. You can get it everywhere, and it's quite matched with different interior design. It will make your room looks softer and comfy.

Find out your prefer interior design style and convert it into your lovely home.

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