6 Styles of Living Room That Might Meet Your Taste

March 2, 2020

Living room is a place where we spend most of the time together with our families. When there are guests coming over, the living room is also the most place that fits all the guests together. Therefore, the design and decoration for the living room is essential. The style of living room could reflect someone living taste and lifestyle.


1. Bohemian

Image Source: Vogue Australia


Bohemian is also called Boho style of design. It can mix several variables, like wood, fur, leather, and also greenery. If you like a more joyful style of bohemian living room, you could try on bright colours and mix more colours together. For a more relaxing bohemian style, you could try on white or beige colour tone, pair with decoration that are in same colour tone, but make difference on the texture and variables on furniture. Art pieces are also an essential element to make up a bohemian living room, small but more, mixing old and new together, and letting the colour play the game.


2. Minimalist

Image Source: Stunning Homes


Minimalism does not mean that you only use a few simple furniture to decorate up your living room. Choosing furnishing that makes up a style but also consists of com