5 Useful Tips for Space Storage

January 2, 2020

Nowadays, property size becomes smaller due to some environmental issues. The wrong furniture or decoration will make it looks crowded. Therefore, today we will show you some tips in space planning, make it bright and cozy.


1. Room Decoration

Brightness is the main point to make it looks wide. Try to use some bright painting colors like pure white, bright yellow or light beige. Put some simple decorations to make it soft. 


2. Lighting

Suitable lighting can make it perfect and the natural sunlight is the lighting we need. However, some units still need some lighting to make it brighter. We will introduce the differences of light in the next post.


3. Staircase

If your unit is in loft style, don't waste the staircase area. It can be a useful space in your unit. Try to decorate it to be your working area or a storage area. Put a working desk and install some wall racks, it will be your lovely relaxing area.


4. Dressing Table